In this video Alternative to Meds Center’s founder, Lyle Murphy looks and why and how the brain is affected by toxins, as well as the numerous ways in which we may be unknowing, subjecting ourselves to an unhealthy “toxic burden”. The foods that we eat, the medications that we ingest and the chemicals in our surroundings can all play a part in creating a physiological environment where maintaining optimum mental and physical health is a challenge, to say the least. As Lyle explains in this video,  if you change the chemistry of the brain, you change the function, which is what a toxin does; it alters the normal physiological functioning of the brain so that it is no longer “normal”.


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Topic: “Nutrient and Needles treat Methamphetamine”

Guest Speaker: Carolyn Reuben LAc


Carloyn is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Health Educator, and Registered Trainer with NADA, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Her specialty is teaching physicians, acupuncturists, and addiction professionals the NADA 5-Point Ear Protocol and treatment curriculum. The curriculum includes treatment of addictive, mental health, and post-traumatic stress disorders.
Carolyn Reuben is a founding member of CARA and the Alliance for Addiction Solutions. She is a medical journalist, and the author of four self-help health books. From 1981-1991 she was the voice of alternative medicine in Los Angeles as health columnist for the L.A. Weekly newspaper. She also attended UCLA’s Graduate School of Motion Pictures and Television and worked in educational TV in Los Angeles and Israel. However, nutrition and natural medicine were always her passion.

Her work in addiction treatment began in 1980 when she heard Michael Smith, MD speak at her acupuncture college in Los Angeles about his acupuncture detox program in the South Bronx, New York. Carolyn began using Smith’s five-point ear acupuncture protocol in Sacramento in 1992, helped establish CARA in 1994, and developed contracts for acupuncture with the Sacramento County Drug Court and Kaiser Permanente, among other sites. She quickly added nutrition to the Drug Court program and then other energy and mind-body medicine techniques.

From enthusiasm among participants generated at CARA-sponsored national conferences in Sacramento, Carolyn and 21 others founded the Alliance for Addiction Solutions in 2007.

Academy of Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition
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Re-Vitalizing the Addicted Brain

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