Kenneth Blum, PhD

In 1995 Dr. Blum retired from the University of Texas Health Science Center, after 23 years giving up tenure to enter the world of business and biotechnology.  He is currently Chief Scientific Officer, of LaVita RDS. Dr. Blum continues to publish research articles, writes books (sixteen), lectures, and is actively applying for numerous patents in the field of molecular genetics & nutrition. Dr. Blum is very active as Scientific Director of the Path Medical Foundation. His concept of “Reward Deficiency Syndrome “has been embraced by world leaders in science and is part of the DSM –V, ASAM and SAGE Encyclopedia of “Abnormal Psychology” and recent PUBMED listing of 3031 articles. His seminal discovery with Ernest P. Noble on DRD2 gene published in JAMA (1990) has been confirmed in over 4,000 publications from laboratories all over the world. He serves as Editor –in-Chief of The Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome& Addictive Sciences; Co-Editor-in Chief, Journal of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry & Neurology and is currently serving on thirteen other prestigious journal’s editorial Boards. Currently he has been named Volunteer Full Professor of the Department of Psychiatry & McKnight Brain Institute University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida ; Adjunct Research Professor, Human Integrated Services Unit University of Vermont Center for Clinical & Translational Science, College of Medicine, Burlington, VT and Adjunct Full Professor , Department of Psychiatry , Keck School of Medicine, USC.  He has been named Honorary Lifetime Full Professor in the Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary.  He currently serves as neuroscience advisor for Dominion Diagnostics, LLC North Kingstown Rhode Island. Many consider him as the “Father of Psychiatric Genetics” and “Father of Neuro- Nutrient Therapy”. Dr. Blum serves as co- managing partner of Igene LLC developers of the Genetic Addiction Risk Score(GARS).  He is the 2014 recipient of the American Society of Medicine (ASAM) Millennium Lab Award.   Dr. Blum has been notified by Research Gate that is Reputation Score is higher than 97.5% of all scientists in the network. Dr. Blum is the author of over 500 published articles in peer reviewed journals. He was the founder of the first Gordon Conference on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse and served as chair in 1978 and 1982 receiving Gordon Research awards.  He along with Mark Gold, and Philip Gorwood is being considered to develop and Chair the Gordon Conference on Psychiatric Genetics (2018).US patents issued include 6,132724, 6,9558873 and others. European patents include EP0979092 and others. Blum is the prime inventor of anti –craving natural Dopamine D2 agonist (KB220z) therapy, as well as other related commercial products in the United States. Amongst many other awards, Marquis Who’s Who has selected him to be recognized as an Expert Resource Person in the Field of Addiction Medicine and Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award. He serves as Neuroscience Advisor for The Shores Treatment & Recovery Center and licensed technology to Victory Nutrition International. He is Emeritus of the Centre for Genomics and Applied Gene Technology, Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology (IIOAB), Nonakuri, Purba Medinipur, WB-721172, India.