Tele-Class Replay June 21 – “Feed The Brain First” – presented by Christina Veselak

June 26, 2017

Christina T. Veselak, MA, LMFT, CN is the founder and director of the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition and runs Garden Gate Counseling & Consulting in Southeast Denver, Colorado. She has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 30 years, and specializes in individual counseling, addiction recovery and Mental Health Nutrition. She has also consulted for supplement companies, IV detox programs, and residential addiction treatment, helping them integrate nutritional approaches into their programs..

She is an experienced public speaker, and has presented at conferences and trainings around the country. Christina is also a founding member and former Executive Director of The Alliance for Addiction Solutions, a non-profit organization which promotes the use of nutritional and other natural modalities to support repair of the addicted brain.

She is committed to staying abreast of the rapidly growing science of orthomolecular psychiatry and functional medicine, and presenting it to the general public and professionals in the fields of addiction recovery & mental health.

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